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Royal Park Hotel Rochester Michigan

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I got to witness one the most incredible weddings in October at the Royal Park Hotel Rochester Michigan and I even got to document it! Amy and Pete had their wedding at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester. This is one of my favorite venues. It has beautiful bridal suites, great grounds for photographs, and a beautiful reception venue. Their day was filled with so many amazing little things! I had the talented Nick Wisda by my side as a second photographer. He did a great job!

We started out the day at the Royal Park Hotel. Nick photographed Pete as I had the amazing opportunity to capture all the special moments with Amy. She got into her beautiful dress with her mother and maid of honor by her side. While this was a beautiful moment, the most spectacular moment came after. Amy’s family surrounded her and had a beautiful ceremony to bless her. It was incredible to witness and even more so to capture! The amount of love in the room was outstanding!

Following her blessing, Amy and Pete had a first look outside the hotel. It was a beautiful October day, so it was perfect for these two! When they first looked at each other their faces lit up and they smiled and laughed as we snapped photographs. Pete was comical that day, so Amy would often be caught laughing at his jokes. It was so cute to watch the interactions between these two!

And their ceremony was just as special! The ceremony was held at St. Mary of the Hills in Rochester Hills. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with Indian traditions and it was so special to watch! During the ceremony each moment was filled with memorable traditions, such as Pete placing a saree over Amy’s head. The moment was beautiful, but it didn’t stop there!

Before the reception at The Royal Park Hotel, Amy went back to her room to change into a traditional saree. She looked absolutely beautiful with all the gold details. Once she was dressed, it was time for the party to start! Pete and Amy headed into the reception hall with huge smiles on their faces as they were greeted by their guests. The evening was filled with so much love and laughter!  It was also Amy’s parents anniversary so she surprised them with their own cake to cut. It was soo adorable! And a group of students performed a mix of traditional and contemporary dance for the happy couple! It was a blast just to watch!

The whole day was spectacular, and I’m sure Jen House had a little something to do with it! She is an absolutely amazing wedding planner!

Anyways, take a look at the spectacular Amy and Pete!



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