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Renaissance Center Detroit Roostertail Wedding

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This Renaissance Center Detroit Roostertail wedding was THE most beautiful and chaotic in the most amazing way! From the crazy rain storm to the beautiful love story, I absolutely loved documenting this wedding. Alex and Rob are truly a special couple and I was so happy to be there to document their day for them! I was exhausted by the end of the night but I left knowing that I captured some of the most precious moments for these two, and that’s all that mattered! 

The day started at The Holiday Inn Express in Detroit with Rob and his groomsmen getting ready. Since we booked this wedding last minute, Sarah filled in as a second shooter. I couldn’t have been happier to have her by my side documenting this day! Sarah rocked out the guys photographs in downtown Detroit! She even found a super cool wall mural to photograph the guys in front of in between the bouts of rain. 

As she captured the guys and all the details at the Roostertail, I was photographing the ladies at The Marriott at the Detroit Renaissance Center. Alex and the bridemaids showed up ready to go and experience the amazing day! As soon as we reached her room, on the 68th floor, I started documenting everything! The lighting was perfect with the storm approaching, the view was spectacular and her details were beautiful! The bridesmaids were such a fun group of girls and it was a blast documenting them having fun together. After Alex got ready we even had time to sneak out onto the patio and take some pictures of the girls in front of the specular Detroit skyline. Just as we went outside the sun started shining! At that moment the stress of the day seemed to disappear and all that mattered was that Alex and Rob were about to get married! 

Before we knew it, we were off to The Roostertail! When we got there, I photographed Alex and her family on the beautiful dock that led to her ceremony location on the water. We were even able to get more pictures of her and her bridesmaids there. They all looked SO cute!! And then we were back inside to prepare for her ceremony. The guests started arriving and just before her ceremony, Rob came to the door where she was getting ready and they held hands and said a prayer. It was so precious to see the love between them in that moment. 

The wedding coordinator approached us shortly after and said we were pushing the ceremony sooner to avoid the approaching storm. I quickly went out to the dock and got into position for the ceremony. As the rest of the guests were seated, the storm started rolling in. It started to rain as the bridal party walked down the aisle and as soon as Alex turned to walk down the aisle towards Rob it started to pour. And I mean really POUR! Alex rocked it out walking down the aisle in the pouring rain. The rain didn’t even phase her as she approached the love of her life. 

It didn’t matter that we were absolutely drenched, because it was the most AMAZING ceremony ever! They read their vows off soaked paper that they wrote to each other. And they were the most heartwarming vows I’ve ever heard! As the pastor informed them that communion would have to be skipped because it was too wet, Alex and Rob looked at each other and said “no, let’s do it! It doesn’t even matter!” It was seriously so incredible to witness and to document. 

The rain continued through the entire ceremony and as Alex and Rob, just happily married, proceeded down the dock, the rain continued to pour. We had a brief moment of no rain, and absolutely spectacular light, and we snuck back to the dock to capture some gorgeous images of these two! They were so adorable and obviously madly in love! As they gushed over each other, we gushed over the beautiful light and the specular couple before us! 

As we were photographing, the DJ approached us and informed us it was time for them to be announced. We ran back inside and got ready for their fun and memorable reception. The speeches truly showed what kind of a spectacular love these two have. They had a long distance relationship and from all the speeches their maids of honor and best men gave, their relationship is definitely different from others. They made long distance look easy and loved each other with all their hearts. 

After the speeches they cut their cake and then shared a beautiful first dance with each other. The floor began to rise as Alex and Rob lovingly embraced each other. And I mean the dance floor literally rose off the ground. It was so cool! Afterwards, Alex and her father danced together. They began to slow dance and then all of a sudden they broke out into a choreographed dance, it was so cute! The rest of the evening went off with a bang and all the guests were on their feet dancing around the room! It was a blast! 

Nothing during the day mattered, except the love between them! It didn’t matter that they are young, because they are madly in love. The way they interacted through all the stress of the day truly showed how deep and strong their love is for each other! It was a crazy, amazing day to document. Through the rain, tears, joy, rainbows, laughter, love, it couldn’t have been a more perfect day!

And with that, take a look at unforgettable Alex and Rob! 

– Nicole –



Ceremony and Reception Venue – The Roostertail

Florist – A & A Flowers

Cake – Sweet Dreams 

DJ – Patrick Chevrier

Make-Up & Hair – Villa De Goochi

Dress – David’s Bridal

Tux – Men’s Warehouse

I’M  Sarah

Classic Detroit & Ann Arbor WEDDING & PORTRAIT Photographer 

Sarah Kossuch is a professional photographer based in Michigan, USA, who specializes in wedding and portrait photography. She has been in the photography business for over 13 years, and during that time, she has honed her skills and developed a unique style that is both artistic and authentic.

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