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Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips for Brides

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Pre-wedding day bridal beauty tips

Pre-wedding Beauty Tips for Brides

You got that bling on your finger, and you have a smile from ear to ear! Your venue is done, ceremony place is set, so your wedding date is officially confirmed. Are you getting over emotional about how you will look like on the day? Don’t worry. In the past I’ve heard makeup artists, even, friends and family members give advice. Wanted or unwanted it is advice. A lot of it is actually pretty amazing! Here is a list of some health and beauty tips that you should take care of. Get through it, and don’t fret!

We all know this is T H E biggest day of your LIFE. I will stop from saying that (well maybe for right now ha!) This is also the day when you have got to look your ridiculously amazing BEST for your pictures, because, twenty, thirty or even fifty years down the road – you’re still going to wish for the oohs!!! ahhhhs!!! and waoo!!! to flow, when your children, and/or grandchildren see you in all your fabulous glory!

The Photos you receive from your wedding signify one of the happiest days of your entire life. I know you wouldn’t like it if you saw your images with a horrible ZIT on your cheek?! WHAT, oh no! OR seeing your images where your hair was a hot mess!? That will not do! So what health and beauty tips must you watch out for to look incredible on your wedding day?!

Health Care – UGH the dreaded word, well maybe for some of us.

What you put inside your body will reflect on your outer. Eat healthy (we hear this everywhere), you will have a flawless skin and an incredible complexion. Oh gosh this would be and is difficult for me but avoid all fast food or soft drinks. I know you guys are on Pinterest and there really are some incredible recipes out there, check those out and see which ones taste the best. As hard as it is keep a balanced diet leading up to your wedding day. Follow a really good diet plan that YOU like. The biggest thing you want to do not even for the sake of your wedding day but overall is clear out your system from the inside. Clean eating. I hear it everywhere! My pre-wedding health advice would be, get lots of sleep and have a balanced and healthy diet, so that you look stunning and the chances of you falling sick will be much less.

Hair Care

What type of wedding gown did you select? Use that as a major deciding factor for your hair style and/or hair cut. And really this is something you want to maintain least 2 – 3 months earlier to your wedding day. Get healthy hair treatments leading up to your wedding can i give you a little tip (Aveda), Aveda has been the most incredible products for my hair. I can honestly say that in the past almost 10 years of using Aveda products my hair has been in the best shape! Annnnnnd before your wedding, the worst thing that can happen is having fried hair!!

Skin and Nail Care

Your skin is a sign of your health and beauty, so it has to be at its best on your day! Remember to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize your skin every morning. And in the evening make sure you are cleaning everything off before going to bed. Clean your hands, face, or feet carefully. Apply an overnight cream. Hands, feet or nails are super important, especially if you are going to take close up pictures of your rings. If you are going to wear high heels, you do not want to show that your nails have been unkept! Try setting aside a specific day with it’s every other week, monthly etc… for getting your manicure, pedicure, and facial. Use this day as not only a spa day to prep for your wedding but it’s also super relaxing! take advantage of that for mind, body and spirit.


Before I get into this one, who doesn’t LOVE a facial!? I’m sure as most of you know facials are the most essential element of your facial health. Start facials on a regular basis about six months earlier to the big day of your life, and get one every four to six weeks if you can. Don’t exaggerate it.  Facials will help your skin look fresh, clean, even younger 😉 and it’ll also give your face a shine.


Whatever makeup you decide to do on your wedding day, first make sure it suits your skin type and your skin tone. The one thing you DO NOT want to do on your wedding day is try new products. You’ll never know whether it will good your skin or not. Keep in mind, your dress, the shades in it make a big difference on the makeup you are wearing. Your makeup artist will see what you’re wearing the tones in it and will select the colors that will look the best for YOU. Make it delicate, highlight the best features of your face and leave the rest as natural beauty as possible. Try to use waterproof makeup, keep tissues near because tears are inevitable, and also depending on the time of the year (your anxiety level) you may sweat a lot. You are glad, and that in itself is going you make you look beautiful and attractive. The makeup is just to match with your natural beauty, not alter them.

With beauty tips comes referrals! I love the vendors I have worked with and couldn’t give them a better recommendation. Trust me when I say they will make you look RIDICULOUSLY amazing!

Check them out and please let them know you read this blog and I sent you!

Jill Sollars


Jennifer Sadovski

The Makeup Loft

Do you like my blog post? Stay tuned for more secrets and tips for your BIG day my friends!



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