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Oh my! Where do I begin? My sweet baby Lorelei (we call her Lola or Boo) is turning TWO! EEK!!

This little one is something else. We call her our little firecracker, boo, pistol, Lo, or anything else cute or referring to her as a little high maintenance, ha!

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I just had this internal feeling she was going to be different (not different bad by any means, just different) from my other children. I had a feeling she would have some sort of a strong personality whereas my other children are wonderful kids they are calm, cool and collected. I guess the difference is hard to explain but I just had a feeling she wouldn’t be the same. I have been told here and there I have some sort of “presence” or even a strong personality. But believe it or not I am very much an introvert, I really am. I just remember my personality as a child and I’m pretty certain this little one has taken after it. And if she did – Ryan & I are in deep trouble. LOL! And you know, my Dad is the exact same way. There’s something about his presence that fills the room when he walks in. I have only met a few people in my life like that and they seem to be few and far between but they are there. In fact, my brother and sister have this same presence. It must be from my Dad – ha! Well I honestly feel this girl has that or something like that. There’s just something special about her and I think her personality might even be stronger believe it or not. Lola is one who just needs to have her way otherwise you will receive the raft of it. I’m not always sure what people mean when they say I have a presence. I see it in my Dad and I can certainly see it with Lola. I just don’t know how else to explain it.

I never thought after having Aidan I would ever have a girl so when I found out Ella was a girl I was in complete shock! When I was pregnant with Lola I thought FOR SURE she was a boy. My instinct told me boy up until the ultrasound. When we went in for the ultrasound (at this point I knew what I was looking at -ha!) and I immediately shouted (after 30 minutes of her legs being closed) “It’s a GIRL!” Let me tell you I was THROUGH THE ROOF with excitement! I mean honestly I didn’t mind whether or not it was a boy or girl because I had already had 1 girl and I really wanted a healthy baby. I mean everyone wants a healthy baby but there is a little part of you hoping or even wondering what the sex is. For me to be having two girls?! I was THRILLED!

Then we start discussing names. Naming Lola, Lorelei was – lets just say a challenge. A BIG challenge.

Here’s the thing, I’m different. I know that. When it came to naming my kids I’m not a “Michael, John, Christopher, Jennifer etc…” person. Basically the traditional names. I want my kids to have individual names. That doesn’t mean all the Michael’s, Jennifer’s, Jessica’s, Christopher’s etc… are not individuals by any means. I just wanted my kids to have a name that stood out and give them their own individuality.

Let me explain the meaning of the names I have chosen. I get asked a lot so I’ll explain it a little bit.

Tyler Skyy – Oh man, well since middle school I ALWAYS said I wanted a Tyler. Now, Tyler is not out of the norm but I was not a fan of Tyler Jacob, Tyler John, Tyler James. But I KNEW I wanted a Tyler. It was just a name I loved as a child. Don’t ask me HOW I came up with Skyy, I just did. And when I wrote Tyler Skyy down I knew that was IT! So Tyler is referred to as Tyler, T, or Ty.

Aidan Rocco – Ok seriously this one is so nuts it almost makes me chuckle. This is where I knew “DON’T TELL ANYONE THE NAME YOU CHOOSE”. Aidan’s name was initially Rocco Ashton. I absolutely 110% LOVE Rocco Ashton but had negative feedback. So I got very hesitant. As time went on I decided to change it to Aidan Riley. It was “safe”. He was actually born Aidan Riley. Yes AIDAN RILEY. While I absolutely LOVE Aidan more then anything I knew his name was not right. It’s just the feeling I had that would not go away. So just before his first birthday we decided to give him the middle name of Rocco. His name at this point WAS Aidan and we stuck to it because it is him. I couldn’t change his first name, then it would’ve been kind of weird. So I decided to give him the name Rocco but as a middle name. So he is Aidan Rocco. He is referred to by me as Aidan but his dad calls him Rocco or Rock.

Ella Lynn – Well really there’s not much of a story behind Ella’s name. Ella is a standard name and Lynn is mine and my moms middle name. Now I was not all about passing my middle name down because well come on ladies how many of us are “Lynn’s?!” Ha!! I was dead set on Ell London. I absolutely adore that name and my husband being the more conservative man he is was adamant on me passing down my middle name.

Lorelei Ryan – Ok this was THE most difficult. My husband is German and I wanted to find a German name for her because remember, I did not expect a girl in fact I thought she was a boy and she could’ve been a Keegan. So I had to do what most people do and search. I started viewing German girl names and to be honest they were not clicking with me. Then I hit Lorelei. Let me just tell you, a few years back I worked at a daycare center while finishing school and there was a Lorelei there! She was wonderful and it just made the name THAT much more appealing. So I thought OK Lorelei is up on the list. Then we get to the middle name. I’m not much on passing names down, at all. But then I start thinking about my husband Ryan and really thought about how we would most likely not be having another child so I wanted him to be able to pass his name down somehow. When the girls get older and if they get married Kossuch will be no longer. But with Ryan as a middle name  she would have that for life. So Lorelei Ryan was the name we selected and LOVED. We decided to share her name which was a mistake. It was not liked AT ALL. So I battled, battled and battled for this name. Literally it was from 17 weeks until birth I fought for this name. Just before she arrived we settled on Lola Ryan. It bothered Ryan that in Germany Lorelei is not looked at as a “good” name because of the meaning. Personally I didn’t care about the meaning, I never care about what names mean.

As soon as she was born the nurses asked what her name was, Ryan kept quiet and I said Lola Ryan. The next day when her birth certificate had to be filled out I went to fill her name out and Ryan said “No, she’s a Lorelei” I stop in my tracks, eyes wide open and say “what!?” He said “She looks like a Lorelei, she’s a Lorelei”. With excitement we named her Lorelei Ryan but for short we call her Lola. And that’s how she was named.

I bet you are asking what Lorelei means, right? Here’s a blurb…

The meaning of the name Lorelei is Alluring Enchantress

The origin of the name Lorelei is German

Alternate spellings: Lorelai, Loralei, Loralye


So with that, my strong willed baby is turning 2 on June 30 (Sunday) and I just cannot believe how fast time flies. Children really do grow up quickly so enjoy, cherish and love every moment you have with them. <3 I love every single moment with every one of my kids and I love how they do have different personalities whether they are calm, cool, collected and/or they are strong willed. It makes them, them!

Since Lola’s birth I have been a paparazzi and I even have my dear friend Mishelle Lamarand shoot us as a family every year. These images are from 2011 (Lola was 3 months old) and 2012 (Lola was 15 months old) and our 2013 shoot hopefully will be this Fall again. <3

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