Grosse Pointe Park Backyard Wedding


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Grosse Pointe Park Backyard Wedding

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This Grosse Pointe Park backyard wedding was truly fabulous!  It was a beautiful June day when Jenna and Alex tied the knot! The wedding ceremony was held at Jenna’s father home in Grosse Pointe Park and it couldn’t have been a better location for these two to get married! The grounds are gorgeous and the house is even more stunning. Seriously, it is a beautiful house filled with artwork. It was like a private museum curated by Jenna’s father. AMAZING! But the day wouldn’t have been as successful without my lead associate, Amanda, photographing with me and the amazing Jen House team who coordinated the whole day! They were great, as always!

From her pretty details to her stunning dress, Jenna was a pleasure to photograph getting ready! As I documented her getting ready for her big day, Amanda went down the hall to photograph the guys shooting some pool and relaxing before the day began. Once they were ready, they had an adorable first look at the back of the house. I love watching the bride and groom see each other for the first time and documenting the love in that moment is one of my favorite things to do!

Before the ceremony, we photographed the bridal party out on the lawn! The girls looked so cute in their grey and black dresses, and the guys looked pretty cool in their sunglasses. They were definitely a fun group of people. We also photographed the adorable couple outside, but we took them inside the house for a few shots to show off some of it’s beautiful characteristics! And before we knew it, it wasn’t long before the photographs were wrapping up and it was wedding time!  

Jenna and Alex had a gorgeous wedding ceremony overlooking the water. They beautifully blended jewish tradition into their modern wedding. It was a joy to witness! And their reception was a blast! It was also held in the backyard underneath a beautiful white tent. It even had chandeliers! The decorations were fabulous and the friends and family made the evening even better! The rain didn’t even stop them from having a great time!

But my description is just a mere representation of how fabulous their day was! Take a look at the photographs to get a better picture of their big day!



Brides ring Bridal details Bride getting dressed Groom hanging with groomsmen Groom portrait black and white groom portrait First look outside of mansion Bride and groom first look Bride with bridesmaids Groom with groomsmen Bride and groom with bridal party Bride and groom walk with bridal party black and white bride walks down aisle outside Bride walks down aisle, outdoor ceremony Bride and groom stand at altar, outdoor ceremony Bride and Groom walk down aisle Reception details, table setting Bride and groom cut cake black and white, bride and groom first dance Bride and groom at outdoor reception Bride dances with father Groom dances with mother Bride with friends on dance floor Bride and groom rings at reception Bride and groom inside mansion Bride and groom lovingly embrace bride and groom portrait black and white photograph of bride and groom

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