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Edgy senior photos not only with one, but two sisters whom are also professional dancers.

Let me explain a little bit…

Isabella was a graduating senior of 2020. Unfortunately she never had the opportunity for edgy senior photos that she wanted. I met both Adrianna and Isabella at Suzette’s Master’s of Dance. In addition to being on company they were also in a group called the works official. This was a group put together for commission based purposes. After I captured both of them with The Works Official, I also captured Adrianna’s senior photos. We selected Downtown Rochester at the beginning of her senior year and their mom thought of the idea to have a photoshoot for Isabella. It would make up for her senior photos that she never received but also allow both daughters to pose together in a different setting. I knew instantly this was going to be incredible so we did it!

Collaborating together we decided to use my studio in Pontiac. I thought this would be the perfect setting because edgy senior photos with professional dancers in an urban studio can produce striking and memorable images that showcase personality and the artistry of dancers. This was our goal with Isabella and Adrianna photo shoot. What I love most is that the studio gives off a classy, yet edgy vibe, perfect for the setting we wanted.

We started to work and create simple dynamic poses that showcase their personalities while incorporating the unique setting of the studio.

The studio setting that is both gritty and dynamic, allowed them to stand out in their own way against the surrounding environment. I used the abundance of natural light from he two story windows along with creative angles to enhance the mood and drama of the images.

Isabella & Adrianna added element of movement and creativity to the photos, allowing them to interact in various ways. They incorporated dance moves or poses that reflect their interests and passions. Also traditionally to provide a sense of strength and professionalism to the images.

My urban studio offered a range of settings and props to enhance the visual impact of the photos. For example, they posed against a distressed wall in the parking structure in addition to the large first floor two story window studio.

Throughout the photoshoot, I worked to capture the unique spirit and personality of both Adrianna and Isabella, while also showcasing the artistry of them as dancers and the urban setting. The resulting images are truly remarkable, capturing a moment in time that celebrates the their achievements and showcases their individuality and creativity.

To prepare for the photoshoot, they thought about their personal style and interests, as well as any specific poses or ideas they want to incorporate. They also considered their wardrobe choices, opting for clothing that reflects their personality and works well with the urban setting.

During the photoshoot, I guided them through a range of poses and settings, working to capture images that reflect their unique personality and style. They also were involved in the process, adding movement and creativity to the shots and collaborating together to create dynamic and visually striking images.

So while this shoot had a “twist” no pun intended, ha! The final images came out spectacular! While Isabella missed her opportunity for edgy senior photos, she regained it and incorporated her sister and their love for dance.

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Sarah Kossuch is a professional photographer based in Michigan, USA, who specializes in wedding and portrait photography. She has been in the photography business for over 13 years, and during that time, she has honed her skills and developed a unique style that is both artistic and authentic.

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