Detroit & Glen Oaks Country Club Farmington Michigan Wedding


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Detroit & Glen Oaks Country Club Farmington Michigan Wedding

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Let me tell you about this crazy, but totally amazing Detroit and Farmington Michigan wedding! We started out at the beautiful Fort Street Presbyterian Church, which turned out to be the best location for bridal party photographs! Who knew there would be so much snow in November!? Then their Glen Oaks Country Club reception in Farmington was absolutely gorgeous and super fun! And I can’t forget to mention that Jennifer and Steve did a great job dealing with the adjustments due to the crazy weather!

So I started out the day with Jennifer at Fort Street Church in Detroit, and she looked stunning! She had the biggest smile on her face and you could tell that she was ready for her spectacular day. This is also where I met Steve’s daughter, Josephine. She is such a beautiful young lady and her personality sparkles. It was such a great moment to watch the beginning of this beautiful little family!

Before the ceremony, we headed out to the front of the church to capture some bridal party photographs. And good thing we did because during the ceremony, the massive snowstorm began! And it didn’t let up; by the end of the night there was more than 12 inches of snow! But the cold and the snow did not stop us from making this wedding fabulous!

Oh and the ceremony, it was so precious! Josephine was a part of the ceremony and it was so beautiful to see the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. And there was even a hilariously cute moment at the end! After Jennifer kissed Steve, she realized she had left bright red lipstick on his lips, so as everyone laughed she tried to wipe it off and Steve threw up two big thumbs up! TOO CUTE!

But, the magic wasn’t over yet! I rushed outside and prepared myself for their grand exit. As the bridal party lined up on the steps of the church, the snow started coming down harder. But it didn’t stop us from capturing some super fun, adorable, and memorable photographs of these two exiting the church. But since snowmageddon was approaching, we headed back inside the church for pictures.

We had planned to go to different locations, but due to the crazy snow storm, we photographed inside the church. I had never shot a bride and groom with their party solely in a church before, but I am so happy I did! Their photographs turned out amazing and the unique perspective really portrayed their relationship, personalities, and day perfectly!

But wait, the day wasn’t over yet! We battled the snow and headed over to Glen Oaks for their fabulous reception! It was such a beautiful venue with high ceilings, chandeliers, and gorgeous decor! It was also one of the funnest receptions I’ve photographed! They had crazy lights, glow sticks, and amazing party guests who loved to party! It was a blast! But we did manage to sneak away from the fun for a moment to capture Jennifer and Steve outside underneath the lights and snow. The way they looked at each other was pure bliss! I could tell they were madly in love!

But don’t take my word for it, check it out!

Also, THANK you to my amazing team Kayla and Daighna, without you this couldn’t have been done <3



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