What Happens When Your Wedding Photographer Is Sick?!


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What Happens When Your Wedding Photographer Is Sick?!

What happens as a wedding photographer and you wake up deathly ill with the stomach flu the day of your clients wedding? Well guess what, it happened to me this year and it SUCKS.

I wrap up my 5th year as a wedding photographer this year and everyone can tell you this IS my BIGGEST FEAR, I’m not kidding. I have anxiety over this because it is so important to me to be at EVERY single wedding. Every single client I have has a close place in my heart and I literally cannot wait to document their day.

June 20, 2015 is a day I will never forget for the rest of my life. Ever. As a wedding photographer we CAN’T BE SICK. WE just CAN’T. Most weddings require us to direct the entire day. There’s very rarely any sitting, ever. But life happens, it hit me and it hit me hard. I have never experienced the amount of upset I had on that morning. Never. The thoughts of “oh my god, what is the bride going to say? What can I do? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME.” All of those things were going through my head.

I woke up that morning bit hard by the stomach flu and just a mess. Standing on my feet took every ounce of energy I had. I stood in my bathroom looking in the mirror thinking how in the hell am I going to rock a 10 hour wedding?

I had a second photographer lined up as well as an assistant (thankfully) but I NEEDED someone else. I contact my second photographer Nick Wisda with sheer panic. Nick immediately said I got this I can lead the day don’t worry. I knew with Nick I was confident. Nick comes from Southern California with a portfolio that is pretty damn stellar. Now I need a second photographer. I contact my close wedding photographer friends and they went in our social media private groups blasting out a post in need of a second shooter. Chris, who is incredibly rock steady with the camera raised his hand and immediately left to be to the wedding on time. An angel you guys. That moment mentally made me feel “better” but now I need to contact the bride.

Scared. Nervous. Anxiety. all of those overwhelming negative feelings went through me and it was exhausting.

The one thing I needed to have happen prior to calling was to have a plan.

I called Laura…..

No answer, so I left a voicemail nervous she wouldn’t have time to call me back. I tried my hardest to hold myself together to let her know what was going on and that she shouldn’t panic but to call me asap.

She calls me right away…

How on EARTH have I been blessed with the most humble clients?? HOW?!

(Oh man, I have goosebumps just typing this.) Laura immediately had this tone like a mother consoling her child and I lost it. You guys I lost it. I couldn’t help it. The amount of stress, anxiety, feeling of defeat and not to mention this darn bug just had me a mess. I don’t think I could apologize enough but was VERY confident in the team I had for her. She is an angel honest to god because I know a wedding day as a bride can be crazy stressful and she didn’t let this effect her. She was just happy to hear I had photographers coming and the ONLY thing she cared about was her and Steve. Literally she just wanted beautiful images of the two of them. And that my friends is exactly what she is going to receive.

My heart is thankful to all of my friends and family who stepped in to help me that day but most importantly to my clients who understood and made my wreck like mind eased.

So why am I posting this? Because I learned a valuable lesson in this and it’s that life HAPPENS. I know that every one of my wedding photographer friends do so much to make sure they are healthy for everyones day. Unfortunately some things are out of our control. I do bring this up at every consultation now because it IS important. What happens if I get sick? Well by having a second photographer REALLY helps with unforeseen things. I hire seconds that can run a wedding, in fact they ARE wedding photographers so I would feel 100% confident in YOUR wedding. And at the very least SOMEONE will be there. Like Laura + Steve’s wedding with only 2 hours I do seek out a second no matter how sick I am and luckily we found one. Which sometimes CAN be hard. But understand that we DO everything in our power to ensure a gorgeous documented day for you.

And with that I thought I’d share a few images from Laura + Steve’s day and a HUGE THANK YOU to Nick + Chris for documenting their wedding EXACTLY the way it should be which is perfectly.



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