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TEAL | Cocoa Beach, Florida | Sarah Kossuch Photography

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Good Morning, Everyone!

Going for two posts this week – woohoo! I’m feeling accomplished this week – YES!

As most of you know, I have four children who happen to be the most amazing little people in my life. Now that my oldest boys are in school, they have breaks here and there. Spring Break 2011 (last year) my husband and I discussed Florida. The reason for that is of course we had the boys asking “can we go to Florida, can we go to Florida?” Well children do not realize it takes a LOT to plan for a trip like that. Because of that reason we could not just up and go to Florida last year.

A day or two passes and I start to gather my thoughts. What if we plan a trip to Florida next Spring Break 2012 but keep it a secret? YES! You’ve seen those commercials where the mom and dad video tape their children’s reactions as they tell them they are going to Disney? That’s EXACTLY what I was prepared to do.

Okay so my plan was amazing for any child but holy moly, I HAD to keep this a secret for a YEAR?! WHAT?! I am Miss, Talkative (ask my husband – ha!), so keeping this from them was very hard.

Ryan (my husband) and I decided that instead of staying in Orlando we wanted to stay  on the ocean so that we could swim when we wanted to. We ended up choosing a beautiful home in Cocoa Beach, Florida. It had everything we wanted from the steps to the beach, a hour drive to Disney/Sea World and plenty of activities surrounding the area. Perfect, we have our location!

Summer goes by, there’s no word…Fall arrives we are getting excited but still the secret is in the vault…Christmas is here and as I’m on my toes, my lips were sealed…Then, here March arrives…EEEEEK it’s here, it’s here!

The week we were packing and preparing for our 10 day trip, I did everything in my power to pack and hide it from the kids. And, i did a pretty darn good job (at least I think I did – ha!) Friday roles around, the last day of school for Spring Break – the kids were so excited to stay up late, play the play station and do what little kids do. But, Ryan and I bursted that bubble and told them we needed to go to bed early so that we could go the Novi Expo center for a home and garden show. If you ever want to see the funniest disappointed face in a child, tell them that – LOL. It hurt me to see them upset but I kept thinking “If you ONLY knew!?”. So 8:30pm…the kids are all asleep…Ryan and I pack the truck, we were ready to roll.

Alarm goes off at 2:00am.

Ryan grabs the girls I go in the boys room. “Tyler, Aidan – wake up. Wake up, I need to talk to you guys about something.” They wake up in confusion. I have them come down stairs on the couch so that they could understand some what it was that i was telling them. We go downstairs. I sit them all on the couch, video camera in my hand as well as in Ryan’s.

“So, you guys know it’s 2:30am in morning, right?” The kids “it is?” Me “yes. The reason we have you guys up is because we have been so proud with how you’ve been around the house and most importantly in school. So with that said we have decided to take you somewhere. We would like for all of you to go upstairs, get the most comfortable clothes on, get your pillows….Because….We are going to FLORIDA…AND we will be making a stop in DISNEY!” The look on their faces was priceless! Tyler has his mouth open, hand over his mouth eyes popping out of his head saying “REALLY?! We are?” And Aidan half awake says…”yay”. LOL Ella of course gets excited because the boys were lol and Lola looked like she just wanted a bottle. Haha!

As a parent, being able to pull this off is a memory that’ll last a lifetime.

We had a blast but my husband and I could use a little vacation of our own after this surprise trip for the kids. it’s a LOT of work – ha!

Here are a few pictures from our wonderful year long surprise trip.




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  1. Kendra Koman says:

    Love this post! Looks like you had a wonderful time!


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