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My TEAM Rocks! | Sarah Kossuch Photography

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I woke up this morning with the sun beaming through the window warming me up like it was a gorgeous spring day. I sat up, looked outside and saw how incredibly gorgeous it was. It was at that moment I knew instantly I want to grab a few shots of the most amazing little people in my life, my children.

No matter how my day is going, just seeing images of them makes all of my stress go away. They truly are the most amazing little children.

My son Tyler, my main squeeze the one who truly made me a different person. He is 9 years old and has BIG dreams, when I say BIG I mean REAL BIG. He has and continues to strive to do very well in school. His goal…get this…is to be a cardiac surgeon. Yep, you heard that right, a cardiac surgeon! He decided this dream as a little child but has continued to stick to his guns. He has a passion for science and above all chemistry. His dream school is U of M and believe me during the football games you’ll hear him belting out a few chants, ha!

Aidan, my baby miracle Aidan. He is turning 6 years old this month is one amazingly sensitive, caring all around amazing boy. He started his first year of kindergarten this year and has soared with achievements since. He LOVES his friends and loves being around people which makes my heart swell with happiness. I love how he interacts with others and the way he carries himself…it makes everything just keen. He had expressed an interest for such a long time for cars (because of the movie, of course!) but I have found that Aidan has been exploring his mind on who he is as an individual and what appeals to him. Let me tell you, I LOVE that…why? Because we have our whole lives to explore, learn, create, love and figure out who you are. He is definitely one I see who loves to explore. I love my little man, he is my rock. By the way did I tell you his middle name is Rocco?!

Ella, Ella, Ella Bella AHH love my baby girl. Okay so of course I had 2 boys starting out, never did I dream I’d have a girl. Then BAM there she was! She is my 3 year old going on 30 with attitude and spark that’ll knock your socks off! This little pistol wants to rule the world and by golly she’ll do it. She has determination you wouldn’t believe and that makes me so proud watching her grow. This is the little girl who demands I put her princess dress on then walks over to put her puma tennis shoes on instead of heels…THAT’S my girl!

Lorelei…my sweet most amazing little miracle apple of my eye Lorelei. We call her Lola short and yes, whatever Lola wants, Lola gets! My little bundle of joy arrived last year and is going on 8 months, this month, already! After my 16 week checkup and the words “it’s a girl” was expressed to my husband, Ryan and I, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A GIRL?! What? Okay so remember I had 2 boys first and NEVER thought a girl was in the works for me. NOW, I have two and couldn’t feel more blessed. Lola from day one has been my pride and joy. I knew this girl was going to be something special as soon as I found out she was on her way. She has a smile that’ll melt your heart for days and I love every second of it. I just can’t get enough!

Okay okay enough child praising…lets see pictures!

So there you have it, the loves of my life. They are the reason I get up and fight every day. They are the reason I do what I do. They are my pride and joy and I love them more then anything. If you ever get the opportunity to meet them one day, I think you’ll understand why i am so proud to be their mom.





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  1. Erin Jacobs says:

    Love the ones of Ella taking pics of Lola! Too cute!

  2. Paula says:

    You have such beautiful children! I love every image you captured of them..they are blessed to have a mom as a photographer to capture everyday and special moments in their lives.

  3. Lisa S. says:

    Love these! SO SWEET!! That littlest guy’s smile is infectious. πŸ™‚ Great session, beautiful images.

  4. Lisa Kelly says:

    Oh how wonderful these images are. It is wonderful that you took the time to capture your own little people. Beautiful.

  5. alej keigan says:

    such sweet kiddos! beautiful photos of the apples of your eye!

  6. Anna-Karin says:

    Beautiful children!!
    Lovely memories of their childhood captured here!

  7. Sarah your kids are gorgeous just like their mamma. Great work!!

  8. Katey says:

    Love Love Love these! They are so sweet!

  9. Vanessa G. says:

    what a great bunch of kids!

  10. So wonderful! Loooove the ones of big sis taking pictures of the baby!

  11. meggan says:

    how fun! These are all just delightful!

  12. Lina says:

    So beautiful! Each and every image is flawless and perfect – truly beautiful!!


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