Huntington Woods Michigan Home Wedding Photography


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Huntington Woods Michigan Home Wedding Photography

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Joe and Jada had a spectacular backyard wedding ceremony and reception in May. I absolutely loved photographing these two! They were such an awesome couple and their backyard wedding at their home in Huntington Woods, MI could not have been better! These two are both down to earth and their wedding style fit them perfectly! 

When I arrived Jada was as calm as could be. She was relaxed and ready for her wedding! When I say calm, I mean this girl decided to cut a few inches off her veil right before the ceremony with no hesitation! Completely at ease! I admired her confidence as she cut away the veil! 

Joe snuck out the back door before Jada came downstairs. He stood under the hand crafted archway and waited for his beautiful bride. Jada glowed with happiness as she stepped through the door towards her future husband. The guests sat at their dinner tables and watched the ceremony under the tent. It was a perfect day for a backyard wedding, the sun was shining and the temperature was perfect (which was surprising because the days leading up to the wedding were very cold!) Jada and Joe were prepared with a full size heater for their tent, but luckily they didn’t need it! Their ceremony was beautiful and the two couldn’t stop smiling!

After the ceremony, we snuck out to the front of their house for photographs before dinner! Jada and her brother have a great, silly relationship so we made sure to get a fun photograph of the two of them! Then I photographed Joe and Jada. Let me tell you, these two rocked the neighborhood that night! I don’t think the sidewalk has ever looked so good! Gorgeous! 

Jada and Joe continued to consume the neighborhood with laughter and music into the evening! The two happily invited their neighbors over for food and cake! (Which was delicious, by the way!)

Anyways, here is the AMAZING Jada and Joe! 

// Amanda //Beautiful Huntington Woods Michigan Wedding Photography_0095

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