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Helping A Family Stand Back Up | Sarah Kossuch Photography

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Recently, it was brought to my attention that someone close to me has been put in a situation that has made me feel helpless. This person is currently out of the country with a young child and is in need to get stabilized back in the states where life can be a bit easier.

I do not believe in asking for hand outs and neither does this person. If fact, that is the very last thing this person would ever want. Instead, I have decided to do something better. I have decided that I need to stand up and help this small family get back up on their feet. No body should be put in the situation of not knowing what is going to happen next in life. It is my moral obligation to help this person get back up on their feet.

Here’s a brief description of how incredible, how truly amazing this individual is for OUR COUNTRY. This person has a passion for ecology. This person has traveled throughout our country and Mexico to make a difference. This person has researched our homeland to better the communities throughout. This person has spent years in our very own state in the U.P. providing research and studying our land. This person then traveled to become a major part of a California local Non-profit organization called the Tahoe Rim Trail and made countless of amazing accomplishments. The husband lost his job, they sold every item they had and moved across the country with their then 3 year old daughter to better their education, obtain a position and a life for their family. After finishing a Master’s core program of International Conflict Resolution in Vermont last summer, this family decided to complete their internship in Oaxaca, Mexico. The husband has left to do everything possible to obtain a position in the states. Currently, this person is now finishing the internship in Mexico alone with their daughter, it has been challenging to obtain a position from a different country. Furthermore, creating a life for a young child is even more challenging in a different country. It takes one strong individual to pull off what this person has and is doing.

So, what do I do? How can I help? I see people in need all over and it hurts me to know that I am not physically or financially able to do what I can to give them a better life. Why am I so determined to help this person? I have such a strong feelings when it comes to making a difference in this persons life because of how much they have done for our environment, our country, our well being and above all……this person is my sister.

I’m not asking for handouts and I’m not asking for donations but it’s time for me to stand up and help. So what am I going to do? I am going to donate 50% of all session fees for the next few months in a fund to help my sister and niece. It is my responsibility to stand up and make a difference. When your family is in need you do everything humanly possible to stand up, grab their arm and pick them back up again.

I want you, my family, my friends, my fans and my clients…the people who make me stand up with confidence, the people who make my dreams a reality. I want you to know that you are making a difference when you have those images that last a life time of you and your family. I have a passion for family, a passion for a lifetime of memories and my family inside of those amazing images, is in need. I will be there every step of the way to make sure the my sister and my 5 year old niece is safe, healthy and back on their feet again.

This is my life and I’m standing up for my family because this is MY moral obligation.

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  1. shing says:

    loooveee this, sarah!!! though im not in michigan, if i was, id def help out!! your sister is blessed with you as a sibling. <3

  2. Kelly Wilson says:

    Beautiful post Sarah!! What a wonderful thing you are doing here!

  3. Cecilia says:

    Sarah – I am hoping that you are able to assist your sister quickly with this generous offer! i know if we were in MI we woudl be booking you! you are an amazing photog!

  4. Amy says:

    What a wonderful thing to do for your beloved sister and niece. I hope the best for all of you!

  5. Crystal says:

    I love this! We may not always have the most obvious way to help….but time and talent and a giving heart can open many doors. I wish you much success in this!

  6. Sarah says:

    What a fantastic thing for you to do! Well done!!

  7. Melissa M. says:

    What a moving post and effort to support your family!

  8. Good luck! I hope you get lots of sessions and are able to help your sister.


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